Recently, our team had the privilege of working with Mike Monteiro on a video about his newest book, You're My Favorite Client. It's a follow up to Design Is a Job, his first book with A Book Apart. We've learned a lot from him through these books and jumped at the chance to help him make a video. But we took a different approach.

We always start with research and design, but more often than not the problem we tend to solve for our clients is simply that people don't know about something new. So we help their audience learn more and get excited about whatever it is they are trying to sell through video. Since YMFC has already been out for a short time, and it's no surprise that designers are enjoying it as a follow up to his first book, Mike suggested we try solving a different kind of problem.

Designers are afraid to share this book with their clients.

So we did some research, we did some design, and we came up with a script. Once all the pieces were in place, working with friends and colleagues to play the parts, the video came together nicely. It was shot over a few days in SF at Mule DesignMakeshift Society, and The Richfield. Big thanks to everyone for offering up their locations! Enjoy!

We've noticed that the more design our clients hire us to do for each project, the less time we spend in post production. With a strong design in place that both our team and the client can get behind; the work improves, the edit comes together quickly, and we have way more time in the end to focus on polish rather than fixing bad design.

Now go read Mike's book, and share it with your client!