It's been a great summer and an even greater three and half years taking Tigercaster from freelance to agency with a lot of talented friends. We've had the chance to work on a bunch of really fun projects. I've learned so much from collaborating with these people, especially my wife Rachel, she has become a phenomenal director. After getting the chance to work more with live action video, motion design, animation, and photography, I have fallen in love with this trade. All these areas of production seem to invite a design perspective that myself and so many of my peers embrace.

So why am I getting so sentimental? Tigercaster will be going into hibernation. Starting next week, I'll be working with Mindbody as their Video & Motion Graphic Specialist. Really excited about this move. I'll miss Tigercaster, but mostly I'll miss working with everyone we've had the chance to work with over the years. Fortunately I've had the chance to meet a few people from the team I'll be working with at Mindbody. Really cool meeting my new colleagues who share an appreciation for design and enthusiasm about video. Can't wait to see what do together!

Thanks to everyone who got electric with us over the years. Here's a few recent projects starting with a DigiTour animation I made with Richard Shackelford and Anders Brønnum for and Invisalign Teen event.

Rachel and I worked on this together for her Dad's company. They're working on some really neat sport supplement products. We hired our cinematic friend Peter Lindsey to DP a video we had in mind while we our friend Kelsea Holder shot some amazing photos throughout the day. She really drove this project as the photographer, helping out with casting, styling, locations, and directing. So fun watching these people do their thing on set. With all the work we've been doing for Rachel's dad's company, we launched a new version of their company's site, with the help of Rachel's sister, Lizzie. Really proud of all the work we've done. Here's the video we just made with a few of Kelsea's photos below.

Again, thanks to everyone we worked with over the years, contractors and clients, you have all been absolutely fantastic. I'll be blogging on my personal site over at Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!