Tigercaster is in hibernation. We (Rachel and Jon) recently took the opportunity to work in-house with some great clients. We still make videos and things together over at The Sunday Saloon.


Even though we're a bit tied up with our new jobs, we can help put you in touch with the right people to make your movie. We'd love to see our friends stay busy!


What we do



Let's get electric

Whether it's live action video, animation, motion graphics, or a combination of all three, we provide a wide variety of productions for our clients.

Let's get animated

We love animation. It plays a big role in our approach to everything we create. After all, why make a movie if you can't add a little magic to it?

How we do it




Working side by side with our clients, we design custom productions to help promote and highlight professional and consumer content.


With a solid strategy and production plan in place, our experienced, hard-working team takes shape to produce and manage with precision.


We deliver solutions through live action video, animation, photography, and illustration; extending value through a variety of useful productions.


We rely on our experienced team to get the job done right. Here's a behind the scenes video featuring our team at a video shoot in Los Angeles for the Invisalign Smile Grant video series.


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